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Digital Video Recorder

Chateau DVR
Multicam DVR

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CHATEAU Digital Video Recorder

PC/Windows Based DVR

Models: Chateau X / Chateau XP / Chateau XP plus

(pdf 246kb)


Chateau XP with 5 cameras Chateau XP with 16 cameras

Chateau, a Surveillance Security System that harnesses the power of Computer-based Video Recording, to bring to the market a reliable and affordable alternative to traditional Closed Circuit TV/VCR based security. For sites with existing CCTV cameras, this system can seamlessly tie-in to these cameras without requiring any modifications. Chateau DVR uses computer based hard drives to digitally record and store images, instead of standard videotapes which have short recording time,quickly wear out. The digital stored method preserves the image quality as it was recorded and can have a storage capacity that is measured in weeks.


Digital Signal Processing

Chateau’s captured videos are digitally compressed and stored in the hard disk. It uses a DSP (Digital Signal Processing) chip, SMICT, that enables all captured video files to have high and dynamic motion image compression. Size, quality and recording speed can be adjusted for better compression rate and storage capacity. Compared to other conventional analog recorders which utilize videocassettes, Chateau is much more convenient and efficient since video clips are digitized and stored as files into a computer.


High Compression Ratio

Chateau DVR with unmatched storage performance & features. While others measure storage time in days, we measure our time in months - without the need for multiple hard drives! Wavelet, JPEG, MPEG-x and others cannot compare to the proprietary format used in our DVRs, no matter what their marketing claims.


Remote Access with Multi HOST

Remote monitoring is available for those who travel frequently or those who wish to monitor the actual sites without having to be there such as from the main administration building, from company HQ or from home. Remote monitoring can be achieved through PSTN (normal phone line), LAN or Internet.


Motion Detection

An excellent feature of the Chateau DVR system is its intelligent motion detection without the use of separate motion sensors. It can detect any changes of images in the monitored areas. When motion is detected in these areas, system will be triggered to record images. This is extremely useful since it will save lots of storage space in the hard disk. It can also be configured to activate remote alert to notify by voice or send images via telephone or LAN. Image capturing can also be enabled to capture frozen images when motion is detected. These images help determine what and when the initial activities are detected and automatically saved as a file for printing, etc.


Alarm Log

All motion detections and alarm events are stored in the alarm log. This log can be accessed for details of the incident. Direct playback from the alarm log can be achieved by clicking on the desired data. If local alarm sound is required, the system can also be configured to play an alarm sound of your choice through the PC speakers when motion is detected to notify the surveillance guards or personnel.


Hardware watchdog

System will automatically restart when the system fail. recording will start as soon as soon as the computer start

System Overview

The Heart of Chateau System -> FCC, CE Approved

System Specifications

(click for larger view)